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Full Funnel Kickstart

How do you get more results with the same budget? With our Full Funnel Kickstart. A short and powerful advisory process in which we take a close look at and optimize all steps of your campaign, cross-device and cross-media. That is how you start a successful campaign.

A more efficient campaign

Do you want to know how to optimally use data-driven ads? Do you need a good translation of your message for every step in the customer journey? Or do you have multiple target groups for the same product? During the Full Funnel Kickstart, we work out all of these things for you and translate the insights into a complete campaign brief.

Right moment, right message

The Full Funnel Kickstart starts with a comprehensive intake and external research. This is how we learn everything about the brand, proposition, target group(s), customer journeys, KPIs and the general communication strategy. This will be the foundation.

Based on this data, we develop a complete funnel strategy. We determine the most important touchpoints in the customer journey and develop creative concepts for each touchpoint. Here, relevance is key: we optimize the content for all touchpoints.

Kickstart your campaign!

The result of the Full Funnel Kickstart is a fully optimized cross-device and cross-media campaign plan. Clearly formulated and thoughtfully combined into a handy slide deck. A clear-cut briefing for all parties involved, giving the campaign the best possible start.

kickstart your campaign!

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