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Alion | Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

Progressive Web Apps

Combining the best of the web & the best of apps.

Fullscreen mobile experiences

Alion is a specialist in building Progressive Web Apps (PWAs). We build full-fledged, full-screen mobile experiences without depending on an app store. Fast interfaces, regardless of the network and even use it offline. Install it as icon on your home screen, including push notifications. And yet... also accessible via any browser, on a domain. Magic? No, this is how an app is made now.

The best from the web

A Progressive Web App is, just like a website, accessible to everyone. You are no longer dependent on an app store and every user has the latest version. Downloading and installing is a thing of the past. In short, the distribution of your app is (again) as easy as the release of a website. Technical SEO implementation is also good: all the parts of your app can be indexed and shared with others.

The best from apps

A PWA works super fast and gives the experience of a locally installed app. An app icon can be installed on the home screen that even makes it possible to use the PWA offline. The data is synchronized as soon as an internet connection is established. The integration with camera, microphone and location is also possible. What we actually want to say is that a PWA can do everything a native app can do.

Yes, I want a PWA!

You're right. Because of all the developments that we can expect on the web this year, we see the advance of progressive web apps as one of the most important. Progressive web apps are a serious competitor of native apps. They are faster, safer and cheaper to build.

Do you want to design and build a PWA? Or convert your existing app to a PWA? Contact us, we will gladly advise you.

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