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Alion | Christmas campaigns

The nicest Christmas campaigns

Family, Christmas dinners, roaring fires. And of course of the best promotions and viral campaigns. The moment to give your customers and clients some special attention. Or to move the world with a beautiful Christmas commercial. The possibilities are endless, we are happy to help you!

A shelf full of ideas

The sleigh bells will soon start ringing! So let's start your campaign thinking. Alion has years of experience in developing and implementing creative Christmas campaigns. Think, for example, of happy Christmas animations, digital advent calendars with daily content experiences, up to and including 'branded' versions of our Santasizer (making every Christmas dinner a success!).

Interactive customization

Are you looking for a communication strategy with a snowball effect? Then we would like to think about the perfect anchor for your brand! Let visitors create and spread a personalized greeting, or challenge your target group and acquaintances with a special Christmas game based around your brand or product! We like to immerse ourselves in your target group and company, devise an appropriate communication strategy and carry out the campaign from A to Z for you.

Hark! The deadline sings.

The beauty of Christmas is that the deadline can be well predicted. This means we do not have to make a last minute deal. At Alion, the Christmas days start in September, so please call us, we are ready to help. Would you like to see our work first? Take a look at our showreel for a number of different examples. Ho ho ho!

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