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Alion | Van Mierlo Bouw & Ontwikkeling customer journey visualization

Van Mierlo customer journey

Visualization of a customer journey

Where building homes for Van Mierlo is like a walk in the park, the buying and building process is usually not a routine task for buyers.

We made this complex process understandable for buyers by visualizing the entire customer journey in 7 clear and insightful steps.


First of all, we gave the customer journey its own look by developing a distinct visual style. Our illustrators and designers received a blank canvas from Van Mierlo and came up with a modular logo that represents the entire customer journey, as well as every separate step of that journey. This way, every phase of the process of buying and building each received its own logo, which can be used separately in communicating expressions during the collaboration between Van Mierlo and its customers.

alion digital agency case client
alion case app screen alion case app screen
alion digital agency case client


In a playful style, while being in line with Van Mierlo's house style, various scenarios from the construction and purchase process were illustrated. These illustrations form the basis for the various expressions (e.g. an infographic). The combination of line drawings and a limited color palette resulted in a cheerful, modern style that potential buyers identify with.


The biggest challenge was to describe the entire buying and building process without becoming lost in the details. Moreover, the steps had to be able to be used separately. This had a great influence on the way of storytelling. In the animation, each screen is 'built up' by sliding the different elements into each other and dropping them into the picture. The result is a clear and cheerful visualization of the process, divided into seven steps.

Watch the animation

alion case app screen alion case app screen
“With this animation of the customer journey, our customers receive a greater insight into what awaits them. Alion has helped us visualize this journey clearly and easily. We are pleased with the interactive, creative collaboration with Alion and proud of the result!”
Renate Schultz-Zuidgeest
Van Mierlo

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