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Alion | Real-time holiday jitters with Transavia

real time holiday fever with Transavia

day to day funnel strategy with data driven display ads


Transavia asked us to think about the communication and technical implementation of a retargeting campaign for customers who search for flights, but have not booked yet. Our first question here is: how do we ensure that a retargeting banner does not become an annoying message, but provides super-relevant information?


We develop a fitting ad for every step in the funnel. We make the visitor enthusiastic about the searched destination with video and atmospheric images, we show alternative destinations, flight prices and ask about the kind of holiday visitors are looking for. All the variations contain current flight prices and the number of available seats.

What makes this so cool?

Thinking of 10 connecting, creative messages is already fun, but for this project it is mainly the technical challenges that make our digital hearts beat faster. To display current fares and available seats, banners must be able to use real-time information. This is not possible with a regular DoubleClick implementation. Automatic data updates are limited to 6 per day within DoubleClick. This is too low to show the number of seats available in real time, so we developed an advanced ad that communicates with a NMPI web service. The result is a complete multichannel ad campaign that uses different data sources at the same time. Why is that cool? Super-relevant information, to every visitor, at any time and on every device. Yes, we think that's cool!


The campaign is still running, but we'll get back to you ;)

Alion excels in creating complex data-driven banners. In recent years we have experimented a lot with new (mobile) formats and Alion regularly takes us by the hand.

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