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Alion | Lagersmit

A converting website for Lagersmit

Future-proof thanks to the friendly CMS from Umbraco

Since 1856, Lagersmit has been designing and developing sealing solutions for pumps, ships and tidal turbines for a large and diverse group of international customers. In a changing world, the Lagersmit website was due for a major upgrade. Not only was there a need for an update to the design, in particular the objective for more conversions was central. This was an excellent opportunity for the Alion team to achieve these goals through the friendly CMS from Umbraco.

Our challenge

Design and develop a stable platform that can last for at least 5 years and on which Lagersmit can continue to develop. The website must increase lead generation and conversion by disseminating expertise and improving the readability and performance of the website.

Our solution

The design has been completely revised and optimized for the best possible User Experience (UX). The design reinforces the attention to relevant content and requests (Sales Qualified Leads). With as little interaction as possible, the user reaches the relevant content.

Because Lagersmit products can be compared in an intuitive way, the user can make better and faster decisions. In this way the website encourages contact.


The UX, UI and development team of Alion worked closely with the customer to identify requirements and wishes. The team then realized the challenges with technical solutions such as smart multilingualism and the user-friendly filtering and categorization of products.

The result

As Lagersmit wrote on social media, many improvements have been made. Below some highlights:

  • Product selector added
  • Improved customer portal
  • It is easier to contact the experts
  • Better responsive design
  • Improved loading time
"We successfully launched our new website! Together with Alion we have made many improvements on interaction, functionality, design and performance."

Multilingual content in Umbraco

The Umbraco CMS (in Dutch) has been designed with the end-user in mind. It is not without reason that it is called 'the Friendly CMS'. An example is the intuitive way of multilingualism. All content can be adjusted in one place, which provides an overview and a pleasantly faster workflow for the user.

Want to know more?

Curious about the Lagersmit website? Then go to Does the above process appeal to you and do you also want to submit a design challenge to us? Then contact Daan (mail to [email protected] or call 015-2191650).

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