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Alion | Homematching

Buying houses can be an enjoyable experience

Explainer and recruitment video for HomeMatching

HomeMatching is an innovative concept that creates new opportunities for ​​home buyers and (potential) sellers in the housing market. Alion developed a video in which the concept is explained.

Invisible housing market

In an overstretched housing market, buyers have to decide within a few days, while sellers prefer not to sell their house until they have found a new home. The result is that many houses are not yet put for sale so that the market flow continues to stagnate. In the Netherlands millions of homeowners are currently in this situation.


HomeMatching offers an accessible and transparent platform where home buyers and potential home sellers find each other. A platform on which everyone can profile their home easily and can express their housing requirements. The invisible housing market is made visible. This creates extra opportunities for home seekers and sellers.

Introduction video

To explain this innovative concept, Alion, together with the enthusiastic team from Homematching, developed a playful introduction video where animation and video compliment each other.

For projects where video footage, illustration and animation meet, there is a creative challenge in the field of timing, motion, and sound design. Everything contributes to making the actor and his virtual environment a logical and convincing whole.

A convincing result

By using motion tracking and top sound design, among other things, a convincing result was created. See for yourself how Herman tells you about the housing market and the ambitions of HomeMatching:

"It was great fun to dive in the studio with Alion, I am very happy with the great end results!"

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