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Alion | Restyle De Bicker

restyling of DeBicker

Newsletter for open-minded world citizens

Founder and former editor-in-chief of Business News Radio, Michiel Bicker Caarten, shares his favorite stories about innovation in his daily newsletter DeBicker. We helped create a suitable style for his online presence.

User first

With only highly-educated readers, who are curious and open-minded about the world, the daily DeBicker newsletter has a very select target group.

Alion developed a brand style that supports the values of DeBicker and radiates authority. In addition to a new logo, a responsive newsletter template and a customized website, Alion provided the image for the events that DeBicker organizes.

alion digital agency case client
alion case graphic alion case graphic
“The new design of De Bicker is made by Alion. I think it's a treat to work with them. They are fast, alert, creative and always accessible. I heartily recommend them.”
Michiel Bicker Caarten
De Bicker

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