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Alion | Case study - CF Dynamiek, advancement in CF

Advancement in CF

How Cystic Fibrosis patients are supported by Vertex Nederland with a digital platform.

Vertex Pharmaceuticals aims to improve the lives of people by creating new possibilities within medicine. That is not limited to only developing ground-breaking medicines, but also consists of providing support alongside the medicine.

Alion was asked by Vertex to help facilitate the digital communication with Cystic Fibrosis (CF) patients by building the 'CF Dynamics' platform.

Objective and strategy

The platform has two main goals. The first is keeping patients with CF informed about their illness and treatment. The second goal is supporting patients, both practically and emotionally, in their lives with CF.

Alion developed a strategy that unites both objectives. Via the platform, patients in various age groups are provided with relevant, up-to-date information in the area of ​​CF. In addition, patients are supported with (digital) tools that specifically aid them in their lives with CF.

To keep the content clear and relevant for each patient, the platform consists of separate environments for different age groups. The website adapts based on the personal login of the CF patient (and / or the parents/caregivers of young CF patients). The content is tailored to the age of the visitor so that all communication is in line with the life stage and the corresponding needs of the patient.

alion digital agency case client
alion case result screen

Approach, design, and realization

We developed (according to the Design Systems methodology) a set of components, based on the brand guidelines, that contain the ingredients to connect with target groups of different ages. All content was also designed and written in the 'tone of voice' that suits the age of the reader.

For the younger patient groups, the text is addressed to the parents. Complex information about CF is made comprehensible through the use of non-technical language and supporting animations, which parents can read or view together with their child.

Children who can read themselves are guided around by a 'mascot'. Alion brought Mo the monkey to life for this. Mo takes you through the website, talks about treatment therapy, gives tips about nutrition and physical activity and explains what CF is like in an animated film.

The content has also been adjusted for young adults with the use of a fluent writing style, topical subjects and recognizable forms of communication. Information about topics such as 'leaving home', 'traveling' or 'studying with CF' are made accessible and appealing via interactive stories.

This personalization achieves the desired result for all target groups: a better understanding of their illness and the importance of their treatment. This helps CF patients to integrate and maintain the intensive treatment routine in their lives.

Note: a small selection of screens is shown on this page. This case study is constantly being developed, and this page will always be updated as soon as new communication is available.

alion case devices responsive development
“Alion is a very professional organization to work with. A dedicated team was deeply involved in making the clinical picture so that a difference could be made in digital communication towards patients.”
Marketing Manager Benelux
Vertex Pharmaceuticals (Netherlands) B.V.

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