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Alion | Cannock website

A new website for a new brand

A fully customizable website in a short time

Cannock is a partner in payment processes. From acceptance to collection and the entire credit management, Cannock offers a full credit experience. During a repositioning of the Cannock brand, Alion was asked to design and develop the new website. The aim was to put the brand values and services portfolio of the new organization clearly on the map. The central principle here was the question: "how does a user quickly find the relevant information?"

Adding value within short timelines

The biggest challenge of this project was to deliver a good website within particularly short timelines. This required focus on the activities that directly add customer value and optimally contribute to the desired end result.

Another User Experience (UX) challenge was in getting potential customers into contact with the right Cannock employee as quickly as possible. In addition, there was a desire to present a more personal appearance in the design.

How do you translate wishes into functionalities and content?

The wishes of the relevant user groups are central to the writing of a 'user story' as it is used in a scrum process. They are scenarios that help to gain insight into the functions and content that are needed to achieve the goals of the user as effectively as possible. Alion has drawn up various scenarios, after which advice could be given about the correct functionalities and content.

Some examples of such scenarios

  • The visitor can see the solutions / services of Cannock in no more than 1 action from every page
  • If certain services require a specific contact person within Cannock, this person will be shown on the specific page
  • The ways in which the solutions can be purchased (insourcing, outsourcing, etc.) are presented directly with the solution.

Component-based design and development

Enables faster and more flexible delivery

Normally, the construction of a website wire frames, concepts and designs are made in advance. In this project, however, we have defined five templates from the scenarios. It is clear for each template what its purpose is and which components are essential for that page. The individual components were then designed and implemented directly in the Umbraco CMS, making the project faster and more flexible.

In order to provide insight into the visual results during the project, we drew up style provisions with the relevant components prior to development.

Een voorbeeld van hoe Component Design er in dit project uitzag.

Onboarding in a new CMS

Working in a new CMS can be experienced as a challenge. Certainly this can be the case if a webmaster is used to an environment that is not as intuitive as Umbraco. Our CMS experts have therefore given Cannock training in a timely manner during the process. All components and functionalities of the website are explained through a workshop and videos. Read more here about why the Umbraco CMS is suitable for your project.

Want to know more?

Does the above process appeal to you and do you also want to submit a design challenge to us? Then contact Daan (mail to [email protected] or call 015-219 1650).

Do you also want a website with fully customizable content?

Call or email Daan and explain your wishes!