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Alion | BlueMovement

A subscription to wash

A clean wash and a better world with BlueMovement

Selling a washing machine is easy. But how do you sell a washing machine subscription to young professionals? Or to families, or to highly educated elderly people?

Our challenge

BSH (Bosch Siemens Hausgeräte) commissioned Alion to develop the brand introduction, campaign strategy and campaign for Bluemovement. A service where both convenience and sustainability are important.

Relevant communication

Alion developed a strategy whereby the campaign is relevant for every target group. We analyzed the wishes, benefits of the proposition and unique buying reasons for each target group. We then developed a style that is both appealing and scalable.


This resulted in a campaign strategy that can be used for the selected target groups, but can also be quickly translated into a new proposition, target group or channel. The result is a campaign that not only brings the right message for every target group at the right time, but also generates an effect on conversion. We use our full funnel approach for that, read more about it here. That is what we call effective communication!

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