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Alion | Case Study - ANWB auction

Auction site for ANWB

Everything is more fun in realtime

ANWB, the organization that helps the Dutch on their way, opened its first store 100 years ago. To celebrate this, ANWB launched a large-scale campaign with promotions, unique products and large discounts. Alion was asked to collaborate with JUMP! to develop a number of digital activations for this occasion.

The idea

In addition to an offline scratch card campaign with matching lander, Alion developed a real-time auction site where ANWB was auctioning hundreds of products in an surprising way, to thousands of customers. In the auction app, visitors could bid on products from the ANWB webshop. All participants saw the sales price of the product drop in real time in a 100-second turnaround time. Whoever stops the clock first wins the auction. Do you secure the savings or do you dare to wait for even more discount?

alion digital agency case client
alion case result screen

Our strategy

The big challenge for this project: ensuring that thousands of visitors have an identical experience at the same time. How do we ensure that the countdown is the same for every visitor, on every screen and every device? Going once, going twice, succeeded!

alion case devices responsive development

The results




Lead generation

“The deadline was tight and the technical challenges were great. But in a very pleasant collaboration we have been able to turn both the project and the auction into a party. We will certainly use this application more often!”
Evelien van Duivenbode
ANWB Retail

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