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Alion | Gamification for a healthier brain

Gamification for a healthier brain

Alion created challenging 4 brain training mini-games for people with MS.

‘Helping brands helping people’. That is what we do. Helping brands help their target audience, members and their supporters.

How? By building digital solutions that matter. For example, in collaboration with the platform, we have used our power to create 4 brain training mini-games. Keeping the mind active is extremely important for people with MS and as such we have been able to do our bit through creating challenging online games.


The website and accompanying Facebook page were launched at the end of November 2017. This was with the aim of providing a platform for people with MS and their social environment. Living with MS is not always easy. The valuable platform addresses themes regarding MS, stimulates the conversation about living with MS and provides more understanding.

A healthy brain

One of the themes is "a healthy brain". It is important for people with MS to continue to stimulate their brain. By training the brain you ensure that it remains flexible and that new neural connections are made. You train the brain by doing challenging activities that are new and require effort. Online games fit in perfectly with that. As such, the choice for the partnership of Alion and the platform made sense.

Gamification: creating awareness through play

The wish in a nutshell: develop a digital experience that increases the awareness of the fact that a healthy brain has a positive influence on the course of MS.

The bottom line was that we were allowed to develop online games that are intended not only for people with MS, but also for those within their social environment. The aim was not only to entice people to play the games, but also to let them share the challenging brain games. Only in this way could the games and accompanying brain tips reach a wider audience. Allowing as many people as possible to understand the importance of a healthy brain. By spreading the theme via gamification, awareness is created in a playful manner whilst also being an Important and effective teaching method.


After a user survey amongst the target group, we determined the themes for the games and came up with several game concepts. The first iterations created immediately turned out to be a hit. During a user test, for example, we were able to record this statement from someone coping with MS: “It looks very nice. I immediately get excited and want to play them all ”.

After several successful tests and final approvals, the final building started and the games were put live. The ultimate moment took place during National MS Day. in which during that event, the Brain Health Games were truly central to the MS stand. After the event, the website and the Facebook page became the main stage for the games and thus a new game was successfully unveiled every week to these platforms.

Characteristics of each mini-game:

  • Within the game, you unlock ‘tips’ to maintain a healthier brain.
  • Every game starts with a cryptic explanation to challenge your thoughts
  • The gameplay is fun and approachable yet stimulates your thinking by trying to decipher the cryptic description.
  • After finishing the game, a further tip is given to help maintain a healthy brain.
  • The user is offered the option to share the game with others.
  • Finally, the game requests a like from the user, so that its influence can be spread to a wider audience and that those who enjoyed the game can stay informed about new game releases and brain tips.

Let the games begin

Of course by now you will want to see the result! All four games are listed below for you. By all means, play them. Put your brain to work and be sure to watch the short closing videos. Then you can begin to understand how important it is to keep your brain as healthy as possible.

Would you like to challenge our creative brain?

Can gamification be a perfect way to achieve your goal? Let us know! Our creative minds are happy to explore your idea and share with you their ideas. Challenge us!

Challenge us!

Can gamification be a perfect way to achieve your goal? Let us know. Our creative minds are happy to tell you their ideas. Do you have another challenging issue. Try us!