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Alion | Easily launch new sites in a multi-site Umbraco environment

Easily launch new sites in a multi-site Umbraco environment

Alion blog author

Tom Chance

18 June 2020

min read

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Warning! This blog makes you want to get started with Umbraco Cloud today. We discuss the brilliant Baseline function of the CMS. This allows you to copy a complete master site at the touch of a button and immediately have a new site ready.

This way we can start a new site in no time for your brand, division, promotion, campaign or so on. No other platform can create a multi-site environment so quickly and easily. There are companies that have already created tens, even hundreds, of sites from a single blueprint (the "baseline").

Umbraco Cloud Award

How unique the Baseline functionality is, became clear last week during the Umbraco Awards Show. The winner in the "Best Cloud Solution" category was the site for Imperial Brands created by our English Umbraco colleagues at Cold Banana. The Baseline function makes this project the rightful winner. With various brands and global sites, Umbraco Cloud proved to be perfect for this multinational to easily copy brand sites, adapt to local needs and launch quickly. Happy marketers around the world.

Umbraco Baseline in a nutshell

With the Baseline function you create new Cloud sites based on an existing site. It sounds simple and it is! This is briefly how it works:

  • As an example we take a site (in the CMS it’s called a project) that we call "Alion Loves Umbraco" for convenience. The main site is called the Baseline.
  • We want to launch a new site that is very similar to "Alion Loves Umbraco". That will be the Child project.
  • With 1 push of a button we copy the project "Alion Loves Umbraco" into the CMS.
  • The Baseline is completely copied with all code, all documents, all templates, CSS files, JavaScript etc.
  • You can even choose to take over the entire content. You then have an exact copy.
  • And you can make as much "child projects" as you want.

Seeing is believing. Check out this Umbraco video in which you can see in the system how easy it works.

Five reasons to immediately fall in love with Umbraco Baseline

1. Quickly set up new sites
This is the main reason. As you have read before, copying of sites, setting up new (mini) sites is easier than within any platform.

2. Make changes in 1 place for all sites
Do you want to add new functionalities that apply to all Child projects? Just edit the Baseline and with a simple click of the button you can update all sites. You can even choose to do the customization for just a few sites (simply with checkboxes).
As an example, we take an important SEO release (as was the case with Google Microdata / Schema). We developed the functionality directly for the Baseline and rolled it out to every Child project with a single click. This allowed marketers to instantly optimize their sites and stay ahead of the competition.

3. Upgrade in 1 place
What applies to adjustments also applies to new releases / upgrades of Umbraco. We start with the Baseline and then the Child projects automatically follow.

4. Makes brands and brand presence stronger
We will further highlight this point for companies that work with multiple brands and / or are strongly active internationally. We see that the simplicity of copying ensures fast global communication and visibility. And above all that their brand identity is and remains guaranteed. Through all brands and countries. Strong Baselines ensure that all Child projects operate within the company frameworks.
De Carlsberg Group is a good example. Martin Majlund, Group Marketing Technologist: “Umbraco Cloud enables us to bring several hundred local brand websites into 1 environment where all content and functionality is seamlessly transferred and reused internally between brands and markets and externally between platforms and devices. Umbraco Cloud makes our brand presence much stronger by dramatically increasing our organic traffic and making all content accessible on any device at any time. "

5. In the end: saves a lot of time so ... money
The above points make working with all your company sites even more fun and easier. And time simply also means money. Time that you can put meaningfully in the rest of your projects. Some Umbraco users manage tens or hundreds of sites. It is unbelievable how much time it usually takes to set up and maintain all these sites (functionalities and upgrades) normally!

What else does Umbraco do for marketers?

In addition to the Baseline functionality, there are more reasons why marketers are happy with Umbraco. We wrote this blog earlier: 8 reasons why marketers choose Umbraco (CMS). Have not read yet? Take a look, then Umbraco is double on your wish list!

Alion & Umbraco Baselines

You can see what Umbraco and Baselines has to offer. We create successful Umbraco Cloud websites for customers and help them get started with the Baseline functionality. The strength of Baselines is also that we have taken the first steps for new customers before they have even placed a signature. We have a sophisticated "Alion Baseline". Our Umbraco specialists have already developed commonly used components in this Baseline, such as text pages, SEO fine-tuning and the XML sitemap generator. We can build websites for clients on this foundation. It means that project time can be put into other, customer-specific wishes.

Interesse in Umbraco Cloud?

Do you work a lot with theme sites, brand sites, campaign sites, country sites etc? Then we would like to show you how to make your work much more fun with the use of Umbraco. It saves you so much time and it is rock solid. We set up the basics well and you can (if you want) independently launch new sites quickly. Mail or call Daan of Kezia!

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