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Alion | 8 reasons why marketers choose Umbraco CMS

8 reasons why marketers choose Umbraco (CMS)

Alion blog author

Robbert Vroegindeweij

28 November 2019

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Alion is there for the marketer. Together we turn ideas into digital solutions. We call that digital power. From video, animation and digital advertising to powerful websites. But which CMS fits best with these websites? We have seen many CMSs and are completely in love with the open source Umbraco. Just like our customers! Why is it so loved by marketers? We have listed 8 good reasons for you.

1. Happy Editors with Umbraco CMS

We set this reason to 1. It is so obvious that we almost forget it, but Umbraco CMS is a party for editors. Even a relief for many of our customers. Umbraco is so user-friendly that training is unnecessary. A quick explanation is sufficient for content managers (editors). This is partly due to the well-arranged tree structure and intuitive page management.

A CMS that works pleasantly ensures that you post content faster. As Umbraco puts it: Happy marketer = great content! 😊

2. No plug-ins, standard extra functionality!

Umbraco has been specially developed for solid, more advanced websites, without being dependent on external plug-ins. This is valuable, because plug-ins often entail security risks and dependencies. The CMS has all the functionalities that you need for a professional site and management as standard. Think of a powerful search function, multilingualism (user-friendly!), Digital forms, rights & roles and template management.

See for example the site of our customer Lagersmit:

3. Thought of a marketing campaign? Ready? Go!

As a marketer you know better than anyone that you would rather implement your ideas yesterday than today. You have come up with the perfect promotion for your target group, and now? In Umbraco you can quickly set up a marketing campaign yourself or with a little help from us. What do you need? Get started with landing pages, digital forms, workflows, data collection, links with your mail program, CRM, etc. Your marketing campaign will be live in no time!

4. An extra step for SEO and social media

Umbraco is there for the marketer, so the CMS can only be completely "SEO-proof". To rank higher, standard technical issues have been incorporated such as an XML sitemap, robots.txt and optimum loading speed. At page level you simply enter the title tag and meta description, with the correct length! And to prevent duplicate content you can easily determine a noindex and nofollow.

What we also want to highlight is the unique social media application. You know it: you have created a beautiful page that you share via social media, and then Facebook takes off with the image. Only a bizarre cut-out of the beautiful visual material remains. Disappointing! With Umbraco CMS, that is a thing of the past. You are completely in control. Without the use of Photoshop or another program you can easily determine the cut outs and focus areas in the CMS. Shared pages on social media now look as perfect as you have in mind.

We love Umbraco

5. Multiple sites in 1 Umbraco system

Does this point require additional explanation? Maybe not, but it is not so obvious that you can manage multiple sites in 1 system. In Umbraco it is not a problem. We are not so much talking about multilingualism (standard function), but think of action sites, campaign sites or a site for another business unit. Everything handy in 1 system and through rights you give everyone the right access. Extra advantage with Umbraco cloud hosting: no individual updates, but all sites are automatically included in one go!

6. No concessions, everything within your own corporate identity!

In Umbraco you are not dependent on a chosen template, but the entire website can be set up the way you want. It is not for nothing that you as a company have your own unique appearance, which must also be perfectly reflected on the site. Everything according to your own corporate identity, your own unique design. And do you want to make additions or adjustments later? Then that's no problem. We would like to indicate that everything edited by the editors in the CMS is standard according to the house style. This way, all managers are guaranteed to maintain the same corporate appearance.

7. Umbraco CMS links with, among other things, mail programs

Umbraco is an open source CMS that uses the .NET Framework. That is not only enjoyment for developers, but certainly also for marketers. It means flexibility! Consider powerful links with external systems such as mail programs and CRM systems. Do you already see the marketing possibilities for you?

8. Are we going headless?

Last but not least, Umbraco is not standing still! Umbraco wants to lead the way and listens carefully to the wishes of its users. At the head office in Denmark, a team of developers is constantly developing the CMS. As open source CMS, they do not do this of course alone, but together with the worldwide Umbraco community with more than 200,000 developers, marketers and editors. Of which we as Alion are proud. From personal experience we can say that it feels like 1 big involved family.

We know that hard work is currently being done to make the system headless. That means that content is central and you can use that content for any application you want. In short, the site then retrieves the desired content from the system, but other applications do that too, such as a mobile app, smartwatches or a store display. We see marketers becoming happier and happier. 😊

Examples of Umbraco sites

Partly due to the reasons in this article, Umbraco is highly sought after. Well-known names such as McDonalds, Mercedes, Amnesty International and Carlsberg use Umbraco. Around 500,000 sites have now been built with this CMS worldwide. And more than a thousand are added every day!

Want to see Umbraco for yourself?

Are you curious about Umbraco and do you want to "see it in real life"? Then contact me: [email protected] or +31 (0) 15 219 1660.

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